Ann-Cathrin Will | Front-end Developer


I'm an experienced Front-end Developer, I've worked at a variety of digital and marketing agencies for over 12~ years, and I started my career in 2007. I spent 4 years getting a Computer Maths Foundation degree and a Web Development with Business BSc (Hons) degree.

I have strong core skills in writing semantic, accessibility-friendly HTML. Modular and modern CSS using SCSS. Over the years I have experienced a few flavours of JavaScript, my favourite being vanilla and react.

I'm as passionate about continually improving the Developer Experience (DX) using task runners such as gulp, vite and npm scripts, as I am improving the User Experience (UX) of the sites we build.

Of course, I'm always hoping to build the fastest sites I can and getting 4 of those 100% scores on Lighthouse is what truly brings me joy. However, since I have a day job I can't say that about this portfolio site just yet, I am sure it will forever be a work in progress as the technology moves fast and there's always something new and shiny to implement.

I've been a manager since June 2020, and have seen enough CVs to know never to claim "I have great attention to detail". That's not to say I don't enjoy trying to beat the QA team and get the much sought-after all clear.

Finally, I love a good challenge or tackling a strange bug and I'm currently working for Rawnet since September 2017.